Browser Conflict


Different operating systems have different default browsers. Mac computers have Safari and PC has Internet Explorer. Yet there are so many other browsers out there that are competing with the popularity of these two.


Firefox has captured a large number of the Internet users’ attention by offering an open-source platform, stronger security, and add-ons. Statistics show that people still tend to try other browsers like Opera and Chrome too.


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Web Pages Look Differently in Various Browsers


Each web browser looks at the web page code and tries to interpret how the page should be displayed. Some browsers will display the page exactly as the designer intended and others won't.


Web browsers do not render the design of a page pixel by pixel. What they do is to look at the page and render it based on the rules that have been set by the designer and the defaults that have been set by the browser programmers. Some older browsers have difficulty validating the version of the XHTML and CSS coding.


Minimizing Browser Conflicts


STEP 1: Insert a doctype


A doctype (document type declaration) informs the browser which version of XHTML you’re using. Insert the following tag at the very top, before the <html> tag.


<!doctype html>



STEP 2: Zeroing Margins and Padding Globally

Web browsers have different default settings for the base margins and padding, therefore your web pages may look differently in various browsers. The best way to solve this issue, is to set all the margins and padding of our web pages to zero and then style each element separately. (asterisk means all elements)

* {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;


NOTE: this will result the layout to start from the top left corner of the browser.



STEP 3: Use a Container <div>


Always use a container <div> tag and put all other elements inside this container.





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