Directory Structure


In order to prevent broken links and missing images you need to practice a proper directory structure technique. All you need to do is to create the following folders in the beginning of each project.


1. Create a project folder in your computer and name it accordingly. Here you’ll save all your web pages and sub folders. (All names are in lower case).


2. Create the following sub folders inside project folder:

  • images
  • working_files
  • documents





Sub Folders


Images folder: to save all your images
documents folder: to save any other files like PDF, Word documents, etc.
working_files folder: to save large size original images, storyboard, mockups, etc. Please note that, you won't be uploading this folder. These are just working files.




Uploading Files to the Server


At the end of your project you need to upload everything inside project folder except for working_files up to the server under a folder called: public_html


Folder Structure on the Server




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