How to Edit an HTML Page on PC?


To edit an HTML page in Notepad, right click on the HTML file and click Open with Notepad.



Coding HTML on MAC?




The best way of coding HTML in MAC is to download a free app from iTunes called TextWrangler which works very similar to Notepad.



Setting Mac TextEdit for HTML


You can also use TextEdit but you need to make the following adjustments:


  1. Finder > Applications > TextEdit
  2. Format > Make Plain Text
  3. Go to Preferences
  4. Choose "Open and Save" tab
  5. Check “Ignore rich text commands in HTML files”
  6. Close TextEdit




To Open the HTML File in Safari


Double click the HTML file.



To View Source Code for Editing in TextEdit


  1. Right click on the HTML file
  2. Open with > TextEdit





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