Internet File Naming Conventions


The following is the standard for naming files and folders that will be used for any website desig project.



Don’t use capital letters:

Use lower case only. On Windows, a file with a name of "README.txt" is the same as "readme.txt".  On Linux, these are two completely separate files.

Incorrect:      OnlineServices.HTML                     Use of Capital letters
Correct:         onlineservices.html           



Don't use space or dot for separation:

Use dash or underscore to separate words.
Incorrect: services.html    Use of Space
Incorrect:    Use of Dot

Correct:   Use of Underscore
Correct:    Use of Dash



Also keep in mind to:


  • Use .html extension to save HTML files and never save them as text.
  • Always name the home page: index.html
  • When naming your files avoid using special characters: $  # . , : ; { } ( ) +  *



NOTE: the above rules apply for naming HTML pages, PDF files, audio files, video files, and folders like images. Basically any file of folder that you’ll be uploading to your website host server.




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