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FileZilla FTP Client


In order to upload or manage files on your website server you need to have an FTP client program. FileZilla is one of the most popular FTP programs and works on both MAC and PC platforms. FileZilla client (this is the one you need) is free to download and very easy to install and use.


Downloading FileZilla FTP Client


  1. Go to http://filezilla-project.org/
  2. Click Download FileZilla Client
  3. Select the correct file for your operating system and click Download
  4. Click Run



Using FileZilla FTP Client

In order to connecting to a website host via an FTP server, you need to have the following information about the host:


  • Host
  • User Name
  • Password




This information has been emailed to you by the host provider. Run FileZilla and insert the login information then click Quick connect.


When you get connected to the server you’ll see a window with two columns like the image below.


The left column: is called the Local Site and shows your computer


The right column: is called the Remote Site and shows the folders on the server. All the files that are shown on your website are located inside the public_html folder on the server.


To upload a file simply locate the file on the left column (in your computer) then drag and drop it in the proper location on the right side column inside.







Uploading Your Website to Langara Server


Here's the instructions on how to use WinSCP FTP Client to upload your web pages to Langara server.


[download instructions]




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