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Dreamweaver tutorials


Welcome to Digest Web Design Lessons provides you with a series of free Website Design lessons. Here you'll learn about the History of Internet, What the Internet is, Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, The best web host (Hostgator coupond), pointing domain name to a web server, using an FTP client to upload web pages, Website Design Process, Website Planning, Research, Information Architecture, Sitemap, Navigation Bar, Digital Image Formats, Optimizing Images, Directory Structure, Image Path and Attributes, Page Dimensions, Storyboard, Introduction to CSS, Browser Accessibility, CSS Units of Measurement, Font Faces, Fixed vs. Fluid Layout, Styling Text, Colors on the Web, CSS Page Layout, Rule of Thirds, CARP Design Principles, How to apply CARP?, CARP Exercise, Mockup, Website Design Languages, HTML, CSS, Other web design Languages, introduction to Dreamweaver and a lot more. Learning Outcome


Upon successful completion of the entire information on website or the PDF file, you'll be able to:


    • Explain the basic origins of the Internet and World Wide Web

    • Follow the steps of creating a web site

    • Register for a domain and web hosting and point the domain name

    • Create a web page through the use of HTML

    • Understand web site usability and information architecture  

    • Insert images through HTML tags

    • Create and link web pages together with a simple navigation bar

    • Style your HTML web pages using CSS

    • Upload web pages to a web server utilizing an FTP Client and publish it online

    • Layout web pages using DIV tags and CSS rules


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