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Once you have decided on your site map it’s time to work on a sensible navigation system. You need to prepare a list of all the links you have and determine the best navigation that is easy to understand and easy to move around without getting lost.


  • Organize your links in order of importance
  • All links should be found in a group
  • Locate your navigation bar on the top or top left side of the page, as these are the first places our eyes go to.
  • Avoid putting the navigation links at the bottom of the page, unless it is a secondary text navigation bar. (Example:
  • Make sure to have the navigation bar on every single page and at the same location.
  • Avoid using confusing terms for the links. Go for the most obvious and common terminologies. For example use “Contact Us” than “Find Us”.
  • If you have a large list of categories and sub categories, list them in smaller groups then either use drop down menus or list them on each relative page.





Here are a few examples of a few websites with some design issues.




No grouping has been done

No grouping has been done

Navigation problem

Vague navigation link names. Try to register for a course!

No grouping has been done

No Navigation bar!

Bunch of bad designed websites Lack of consistent nav bar





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