Page Dimensions (Browser Display)


An important factor that might change the look of a website from the user side is the screen resolution. The page dimensions you choose, will indicate how big everything looks and how much will fit on a page. The following chart shows the popularity of the most common screen resolutions:


The following links shows the most updated page dimension (browser display) stats:





The actual usable space for 1024×768 resolutions is: 980x560


Obviously web designers have no control on user’s monitor screen resolution. So there’s no actual solution for this matter, but there are a couple of things that you can do to minimize the damage:


  • Do not use Pixel or Points for font size. (use ems measurement unit)
  • Design your web pages for these dimensions: 1024×768 or higher


Here’s an example of 1280X600 dimensions, try seeing it on 1024X768 screen:




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