Pointing a Domain name to the Hosting Server


When you type a web address into the address bar of your web browser and then hit Enter, your browser sends out a request to get that web page. The request travels across the Internet to the appropriate web server and attempts to locate the web page on that server. If the request is successful (web page exists) then that web page will load into your web browser.

Let’s say you’ve already registered a domain name with company A and have bought web hosting service from company B. At this point your domain name is not looking into your web host and if you upload some web pages to your web host server, you won’t be able to see them by typing your website address in a web browser’s address bar.

In order to make you domain name look into your web host server you need to point the domain name to the server.



How to Point Domain Name to Hosting Server?


If you purchase both your domain and web host service from one company; you can ask them to point the domain name to the server. But if you purchase the domain name from one company and sign up for hosting service with another company; you’ll need to point the domain address to the host server manually.


Basically, you need to login to the Domain Provider cPanel and enter the DNS (domain name servers) address of your host company.


Pointing a Domain name to the Hosting Server



Step 1) Get the Domain Name Servers (DNS)


When you sign up for a hosting service, you will receive an email that contains two DNS codes which seem like this:



You can also find this DNS pair in your web hosting account cPanel or ask your web host provider customer support.



Step 2) Change Your Domain Name Server (DNS) Setting


Once you get a hold on that DNS data (of Company B), then login to Company A cPanel (your domain name registrar) and then access the domain control panel to edit the name servers in there:


  1. Login to your Domain Provider cPanel 
  2. Click on the Domains tab so that you can see the list of all your domains
  3. Click Manage DNS in front of the Domain address that you want to point
  4. You’ll see the information regarding to your domain name including the DNS server.
  5. Enter the DNS code provided by the Hosting company you signed up for
  6. Click Save 


Click on the image bellow to see the larger version.



Step 3) Add Domain Name in your Host


This step is not necessary but it may accelerate the process of pointing.


  1. Log in to your Host Provider cPanel 
  2. Go to Addon Domains under Domain tab
  3. Add your new domain



Step 4) Wait


The pointing process may take up to 72 hours to be established.



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