For a website design project of any size you’ll need to research your target market and the competitors thoroughly before starting your design. Research will give you some key information that affects your web page layout, choice of colors, fonts and so forth.


Research Methods


  • Interview your client and ask them about their target market
  • Go online and look at their competitors’ websites. Highlight their Strengths, Vulnerabilities, and Gaps. Use the positives and enhance the negatives.
  • Conduct a few surveys
  • Pretend you’re a client of that company then think of what you would like to see on their website.


I’m guessing the big question in your mind is “what should I look for by this research?” and the answer is, you need to get to know your audience as much as you can. You generally need to find the answer to these questions:


  • Audience Demographic: Age, gender, education level & computer skills
  • Usage: Do they view the website at home, work, on wireless system, PC/MAC, laptop, occasional or frequent, internet speed, etc.
  • Environment: Do they look at your website in a quiet library and classroom, or in a noisy industrial manufacturer.
  • Equipment: What is the income level of your audience? Do they have the most updated computers and high speed internet?


Use online resources such as statistics and audience demographics tools to learn about your target audience.


This information will give you a clear picture about the look and the feel of your website. An intuitive and smart design will cover all or most of these listed needs.



Think Deeper!


Sometimes you need to think deeper to realize who the actual target audience is. For example who do you think is the target audience for the following businesses?,,   



Research & Statistics Links


SIC & NAIC Cods:

  • SIC: Standard Industry Classifications
  • NAIC: North American Industry Classifications


Industry Canada: Performance Plus


Demographics and Census Information


Canadian Market Research Resources


BC Statistics


Canadian Company Capabilities




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