The Internet


Some Important Dates in Internet History


Date Event
1967 Programming the network started

APRA creation

1972 The first email program was created by Ray Tomlinon of BBN
1973 TCP/IP (network protocol) development
1974 First use of term “Internet”
1976 Development of Ethernet which uses coaxial cables to move data
1983 DNS (Domain Name System) was created in University of Wisconsin. This allowed usage of name rather IP numbers.
1984 Development of fiber optic T1 by National Science Foundation
1990 The first usage of hyper text system by CERN
1991 NSF developed a high speed network
1993 World Wide Web was released by CERN. Also creation of the first Internet graphical user interface (browser) called Mosaic.
1994 Beginning of online services such as banking, ordering food, etc.
1998 The appearance of Netscape
2000 Over 300 million people have access to internet
2001 Bursting of DOT COM bubble



The image below shows the connection of local area networks in a small town:



Internet in a small town



Internet Eras


Era Characteristics
Web 1.0 Static websites, Email, and GIF buttons
Web 2.0

Interactive websites, graphic designing, information sharing, CMS, and social communities (Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc.)

Web 3.0 Functionality and Compatibility, hardware/software Integration and artificial intelligence (Microsoft Surface, iPhone (and its apps), iPad, Internet TV, etc.)





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