Web Hosting Service


In order to have a website on the Internet you need to store your web pages on a server that is hooked up to the Internet 24/7. Companies that provide this service are called Web Host Service Providers.

Hosting service is charged on a monthly basis for about $4-8 per month. Once you purchase a web hosting subscription, the host will supply you the login information to a control panel, where you can manage your company e-mail and FTP accounts. Some control panels allow you to run ads, install WordPress, etc.


What is a Host Server?


The computers that host providers use to host your website are called host servers. There are two type of host severs:


Windows Server

Linux Server

Supports HTML and CSS
Supports Access and ASP
NOT case sensitive
More expensive

Supports HTML and CSS
Supports PHP and MySQL
Case sensitive
Doesn’t support ASP
Fast and reliable


Signup for a Linux Server


In order to install WordPress you need to sign up for a Linux server as it supports PHP and MySQL. You won’t be able to run WordPress on a Windows server. The only reason you may want to rent a Windows server is if you have ASP pages.


Which Hosting Company to Choose


It's best to choose a web hosting company based on a recommendation. There are many good hosting review websites on the Internet where you can do a little research. Select a hosting company that:


  • Provides a toll free phone number
  • Offers 24/7 customer service
  • Has Well trained technical agents
  • Offers competitive features (unlimited space and bandwidth, etc.)
  • Has a good reputation (read online reviews)
  • Supports latest versions of Perl, PHP, MySQL, Apache or Litespeed
  • Has a powerful yet user friendly cPanel (Control Panel)


Hosting Packages


Most hosting companies offer three hosting packages. These packages may have various names for each company but they usually offer the similar features. Here’s an example of the packages offered by Hostgator:


Basic Plan

Essential Plan

Pro Plan

Single Domain

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Domains
Free VoIP Phone Service


All these plans include main features such as one-click installs, unmetered bandwidth, ftp accounts, free company email, etc.


In the Basic Plan you can only host one domain. If you would like to have more than one website then consider the Essential Plan. The Pro Plan is good for running online businesses that require private SSL.  



Site Security (SSL)


SSL (secure socket layers) is the standard security technology that encrypts information as it is transferred across the Internet.


Private and Shared SSL


Most hosting companied provide shared SSL with their smaller hosting packages and private SSL with their business plan. The shared SSL is installed globally on the host server and all clients can use it. Shared SSL will use a host domain and will cause certificate warning messages to pop up on your site.


On the other hand, the Private SSL is issued especially for your domain by a trusted authority and will not cause any warnings messages. Browsers can validate the private SSL and will show a secure icon.


Private SSL is preferred for protecting credit card information for E-Commerce websites. This is because shared SSL warnings make people uncomfortable with submitting their credit card information on your website.


Do I need Private SSL for my E-Commerce Website?


Not every e-commerce site needs private SSL. If you use PayPal or another third-party payment gateway and all the sensitive data is being processed at the gateway's website then you likely do not need an SSL Certificate. In this case, your website is not capturing sensitive data and you do not need an SSL certificate for this kind of e-commerce. However, the site that processes the payments does.


If your sites collects customer information you need to use private SSL certificate. Here are some examples of this case:


  • E-commerce: If you accept the credit card information on your website and then forward it to PayPal or other payment processor. 
  • Login Forms: If your site allows or requires users to login with a username and password.
  • Other Forms: If your site has forms that ask for sensitive or personal information.


Which Hosting Company do you Recommend?


My all time favorite web host provider is HostGator. HostGator has an excellent team of technicians that are available 24/7 and can be reached by a toll free number. HostGator cPanel is amazingly strong and very user friendly. Also they have powerful servers with close to no down time. I host number of websites on HostGator and never had an issue.


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