Website Designing Process


Step1) Planning

  • Business analysis
  • What is the goal of having the website?
  • What is the target audience?
  • What content do you intend to offer?
  • Website content development (text and images)


Step 2) Information Architecture

  • Information classification
  • Defining structure
  • Navigation system
  • Sitemap (Using diagrams to organize all the classified sections)


Step 3) Design

  • Concept development (Branding)
  • Design considerations (Page dimension, font, color, shapes, etc.)
  • Creating page layout (Drawing sketches, wire frames or storyboard)
  • Mockup (Photoshop or sketchbook)
  • Programming (HTML coding, DreamWeaver, CSS, etc.)


Step 4) Quality Assurance

  • Technical validity
  • Accessibility test
  • Usability (Don't make me think!)


Step 5) Launch

  • Domain name registration
  • Renting web space from a web host
  • Uploading all the files and folders to server (FTP)
  • Test your web site on various browsers, computers, and monitors
  • Do a quality survey




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